Saturday, September 23, 2006

'Samaja Varagamana'

I got the songs of the movie 'Morning Raga' from a colleague (Shashank). There is this song called 'Samaja Varagamana' (Raag Hindola ? Not sure I'd understand anyways). But the classical base and the western fusion effect (Music by Mani Sharma and Amit Heri) in the song makes one transcend the normal plane of existence. One of the best songs I have ever heard (may seem exaggerated but I have been listening to it in a loop for past three days) - it is just amazing. Sung by Gayathri the sudden shift in the melody to a high pitched tone adds to the ecstacy. Music I reiterate can be intoxicating ... !!! The song 'Mahaganapatim' by Bombay Jayashree is also good, most other fusion tracks from the movie, with a strong dose of Indian classical music (Carnatic mostly) are a treat to the ears.
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  1. I'm very happy to have bumped into someone whos heard and like samaja varagamana....

    but have u heard the mahaganapatim,without the fushion one?

  2. Yes liked both the Mahaganapathim jam and the other version, pure classical one I may have heard, cannot recollect ...