Sunday, March 05, 2006

Rang De Basanti

Finally watched 'Rang De Basanti' at Rex, yesterday evening.
There are sparks of brilliance at times, unconventional too, but the movie tries to fit things in place that at times seems artificial, almost laughable.
Especially the parts on killing people and violence are a bit too far fetched.
The cinematography and screenplay is very innovative ...
Some scenes are thrilling, like the one in which Amir Khan plays the role of Azad and escapes from the Ram Lila grounds in a motorcycle.
There are some pathetic comparisons too, like when the character of DJ and Sue are kissing and the scene cuts to a part of the documentary where the freedom fighters are on a fast unto death.
Certain dialogues, captions and narrative from the diary do evoke patriotism.
The tenor is so comic even when the protagonists have occupied the AIR studios. The humour spoils the mood towards the end.
Probably I knew some parts of the story and hence was critical of things, as I expected something better. However some portions are plain boyish probably trying to show that it is after all by a bunch of college guys; who dance mindlessly at times.
The music is great, and the best song I felt was Lata Mangeshkar and A R Rehman's rendition of 'Luka Chuppi' and the picturization for the song I was not able to imagine; until I saw the movie. Poignant. Brilliant. Most other songs are good too, A R Rehman is getting better and better.
Talking of recent movies, the message of being constructive (Swades) is always better than being constructive by being destructive(RDB). All in all, a good attempt; that fiery idealism is indeed missing from the present youth, that is us and needs to be ignited and this movie is in the right direction.

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