Saturday, November 05, 2005

Natwar in the dock & Encounters

Indian Express has exposed the Congress involvement and Natwar Singh's kickbacks and links in the Iraq Oil Scam. The Volcker report on ‘oil for food’ scandal has come as a shocker to the Congress and they in a ridiculous move, want to sue the UN on the findings. Isnt this laughable. The modus operandi and Complete coverage.

Watched the movie 'Encounter, The Killing' on DD. The movie though not great in terms of screenplay or having the commercial movie slickness; has a very interesting story as it unfolds. Some of the acting is very amateurish, and the masala songs thrown in are just that, mindless entertainment. But the acting by Naseeruddin Shah as the sincere, humane yet professional Parsee police inspector is just amazing. He is able to mould into any character and handle all the diverse emotions, with so much ease, that he actually seems genuinely living the role he portrays. The movie shows the human side of a few police staff. Some of the actors are from Marathi theatre it seems – especially memorable is one grotesque character of a liquor shop owner; who is the key in the investigations around which the story revolves.

(Photo Source: IndiaFM)

After a shootout, a few local young boys working as sharp shooters for the underworld are killed; one body is left unclaimed; Sam Barucha (Shah) attempts to preserve the body for a few days, until there is a claimant. At this point, a liquor shop owner calls him up and informs him that he knows who the deceased gangster's parents are and then the agonising search starts. A very disturbing end to the movie, which attempts to show, why youngsters are entering the violence-laced underworld – why the social net is not safe enough and even families with Gandhian elders can produce anti-socials. A very raw, straight from the heart, and thought provoking movie. My Ratings: 4/5

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  1. Hey, you hav given the same rating for swades, black and encounter!! I have seen swades. I liked it very much. I haven't seen Black, but I have read a lot complaints regarding lack of attention to detail. Mixing up Alzheimer's and Parkinsons disease? As you mentioned, the director's style is anything but subtle. I don't like that. How come you are watching so many movies?

  2. For a change ;-)
    Watching movies that I feel, are worth watching.

  3. And yes melodrama has its place in theatre too - so subtlety cannot always be maintained - probably wasnt myself observant of Parkinson vs Alzheimer. I liked the kind of acting, all the actors have given in Black, and the story in Encounter. Also Swades's theme and the believable/genuine narrative + screenplay is striking.