Saturday, July 02, 2005

The eternal flame of hope ...

The eternal flame of hope always burns,
Through the depth of hell and the pleasures of desire,
All the illusion, the dance of the puppets,
'how beautiful'
The real, the true self is just a part of that,
'always joyful'
Existence, knowledge, bliss - absolute, eternal.
'man = divine'


  1. nice poem to go with the painting.

    ps: I see you have changed the title of the blog but the individual pages still show Blogmind withiout the Deep.

  2. Its a nice picture - how did you paint?

  3. deepsan: Thanks, Done the updates now ... :-)

    karthik: Thanks. I was just trying out some painting on Gimp Windows version !
    Youll find another painting that I did using gimp on my Flickr site - the LJ symbol that I use is a part of that.