Saturday, January 15, 2005


After almost two years I was finally able to write something.
I was undergoing a severe bout of writer's block.
I had started a few pieces of fiction, but was unable to find plausible ends to any of them.

Here is a short story :

Read it and send in your views as to how you liked it or didn't ...


  1. Nice one shamit. I sense something autobiographical about it. I hope you are not planning to run off to Himalayas!! But, seriously..what is good about it is that, it tries to say something explicitly..with all the philosophy u have put in. I also liked the description of the rain droplets. What is not that the shock value(i am crazy about sommerset maugham's short stories...), when the note fell down i expected to see something that makes me fell Ah or Oh but it didn't. I kind of expected it.I don't know why..probably i know you too well.


  2. Thanks Ashok, I am never keeping track of the literary styles while reading - hope the conversation etc are better in this story. Are you working on any writing right now ?

    I was just keeping all the perspectives ...
    I have not taken sides - I am just projecting a story and its upto the reader to decide whether the protagonist's approach was right or not.
    I wrote about something that I often think and debate with myself about maybe thats why it seeme autobiographical.

    Most of my previous fiction work ( have shock value. I did not do anything Maughamisque here ;-) kept it simple - focussing more on conveying the concepts or philosophy.

    The rain drop stuff was good, I agree.

  3. Ashok, I did not get this ???

    "I kind of expected it.I don't know why..probably i know you too well."

  4. What I meant by that is :Your story is consistent with the style and content of your blog posts. So, if someone has read most of ur posts(and I can say, I have) the story is an extension of that.
    I am not writing anything man. Never been that much of a writer.


  5. The story doesn't seem to have the tension associated with a drastic step.


  6. Two years of not writing has taken its toll.
    Tell me three things in the story that would have made chronicle the tension better ...
    And three things that spoil the tension ie the weak points.
    Maybe, I have tried to show the sorrow or angst among those affected.

  7. This is disappointing.This has been a show of good written English and nothing else.It is below your own level of creative writing.Certainly the 2 years of work life has modified a person enough that he has forgotten his own talent.

  8. Wow! Who was that? Chandan?
    Thanks for the constructive criticism - but some details as to why you felt it was so disappointing is forthcoming... ;-)

    - Shamit