Thursday, April 08, 2004

'INFOVERLOAD' - Aversion or Addiction

I am observing that the more the information on the Net/free CDs galore/variety of PC Magazines, the greater the aversion - being in the software industry the usage of PCs all day may be one factor for this. The IT revolution has increased the employment levels but the general health - body, legs, neck, eyes, hands and everything including mental and physical well being may get affected.
Either you suffer in the long run getting obese, pain, RSI (stress injury and carpal tunelling syndrome - on fingers) and get addicted to the PC or you may start developing a phobia towards PCs.

Often I find myself downloading pages after pages thinking yes this is interesting - a few more and the article will get over - let me download and then Ill view offline; but finally may not end up reading even 20% of those stored pages in the browser cache or go into such a recursive loop again the next day.
Also the more the info - information overload - lower is the interest level and lower the retention rate. I dont know if it is common for all; but it could be a general trend - the tendency to finish the book becomes all too strong and I may end up reading very little - is this not true for you ?
It is much more pleasant to read a technical book with real pages to flip through, than staring at the tons of ebooks and pdfs ...
This information age with loads of information has changed the very nature of information from informative/interesting to plain frivolous. A dangerous trend indeed.

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