Sunday, February 01, 2004

Entry for the day :
Linux Kernel v2.6 performance tests ...

Its a great performer, it seems - need to install it - got the sources with me from the LFY CDs...

'At the core of the enhancements in v2.6 is a new process scheduler. The process scheduler in the kernel divides CPU resources among system processes. The performance of the scheduler directly impacts system responsiveness and process latency. In the v2.6 kernel, the new 0(1) scheduler incorporates new algorithms that can substantially increase system performance, especially interactive tasks. The 0(1) scheduler can penalize CPU-hogging processes, improves process prioritization, and provides consistent performance across all processes. Also new in v2.6 are two new I/O schedulers. The scheduler used in the v2.6 kernel by default, the anticipatory scheduler, brings much improved handling of I/O scheduling, ensuring that processes get I/O time when necessary, without unnecessary queuing. Also present is the deadline scheduler, which assigns an expiration to requests using three queues, while anticipatory scheduler attempts to anticipate process I/O requests before they are actually requested'

Currently reading :
Beyond Good and Evil
Friedrich Nietzsche
(in PDF format from Planet PDF)

Mood :
Depressed ?

Listening to :
Rabindro Songeet by Indrani Sen on the stunning Winamp 5.01

(Genre: Rabindro Songeet)

Kandale Tumi Moore (You made me cry)

Aaj Justhna Rate (This full moon day)

Ei Kathati Mone (Remember this one thing)

Emni Kore Jai Jadi (Let time pass by like this)

Ami Tumar Shange (With you)

( Genre: Nozrul Geethi)

Ekhono Otheni Chand (The moon hasnt risen yet)

UPDATE : I am now also on Livejournal

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