Tuesday, December 24, 2002

"I am back"
Christmas tomorrow - phone was dead, blogging in abeyance from the net; Caldera Linux does not seem to have much though a few things like Aktion media player and Java SDK are pre-installed - no games especially GNU Chess - a favourite of mine though I have never beaten it.

ON Monday, December 23, 2002
I have been unable to blog for the past few days because of a dead phone and frequent shifting of cables and the associated repair work. In the meantime something went wrong . . .
Here is how it all started - I suddenly wanted to intall Linux into my vacant partition (actually an earlier corrupted install) that I had reserved for the same. I chose Caldera OpenLinux Workstation - loaded with all the dev features. I selected the partition and said 'format' and then the boot loader option(GRUB/Lizard, not good old LILO) asked if it could write into the MBR(Master Boot Record) and I checked the option true and the OS boot options as Linux and pre-existing Windows. Now the insane part, after the install it went into Linux and then when I rebooted, and tried to go into Windows it threw me into a shell - command prompt asking me to give the location of command.com ; after some headache I lead it to command.com using the Windows startup diskette. Then what do I see? The drive C: has been renamed D: and vice-versa. I just could not start win.exe from D: (Himem.sys present, but it was blind to keep saying it does not exist) - using fdisk I set the present D:(earlier C: dont confuse . . .) as active but to no avail. Then getting bugged of it all I reinstalled Windows 98 from my HP Pavilion System Recovery CD with a do not format and the installation occurred in D:(earlier C: remember ! so after that I had 2 sets of Windows folder ) and the contents were preserved; now I have to do something about the registry - will my previous programs work what do you think? Though they are not working now. Lets see - hope I dont goof up again. But I am puzzled about how the renaming occurred - any ideas ??? Now both Lin and Win are working fine ! But then who was the culprit? CALDERA Linux or me or both ?

ON Sunday, December 22, 2002
Straight out of Kiruba's Blog

http://Control.Blogger.com : The Pyra guys have come out with a wonderful system to "create a feedback mechanism that will leap to developing increasingly better tools and services." . It's one of the best feedback mechanism I've seen. Structured very nicely. Check it out.

Want to know who's linking to your blog? Technorati is a great source. You just need to type in your blog url and it will tell you who all have linked to you. Heck, it even tell you how many minutes back they gave you the link !! I found this very useful. I did a search for my blog and noticed new people who have linked to the interview with blog royalty. I dropped them a 'thank-you' note. You may choose to have automatic alerts but you gotto pay $10 for the privelege.

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