Friday, July 06, 2018

Hurt not to hurt

Call me a coward if you will!

I lack the courage to stand up for myself.

For betwixt being hurt and hurting the other;

I know not what you would choose.

I would in my right mind always choose the former.

To be hurt than to hurt!

To allay instead of to scorch

That my belief is the right path

If it shall satisfy the other.

I shall stay mum and accept the pain as a soothing balm imagined!

Pain is my constant friend not anger. Anguish maybe not vitriol.

I try to think of hurting through words but it refuses to come from within.
Dies a silent death.

So tell me am I wrong to not hurt?
To fear hurting the other though I consume the poison of hurt?
Would not sound right but that is my deepest inner voice.
Ignore and stay aloof,

Unable to confront, to stand up in arms,

For fear of hurting the other!

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